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Support 1.0 is a professional software tool used to help manage your Support driven company by tracking assets, routine tasks and client communications.

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About This Module

Please note that Support 1.0 is available for both PC and MAC in the following versions:

Multi-User - Made for a multi-user environment. To run this version, you will require a copy of FileMaker 10 or later already installed on your machine. This version will allow you to simultaneously run up to 9 sessions of Support 1.0 on a peer to peer network or an unlimited number of session when combined with FileMaker Server.

Run Time - Perfect for a single user environment. This version does not require any additional software or requirements. Simply download, install and you are ready to go!

About Support 1.0


Support gives the ability to track a given environment's technological assets, scheduled tasks and man hours on the go.

In the field, in conjunction with your iPad, SUPPORT allows the onsite specialist the ability to capture and save images and attach other documents as required. Further on-the-go abilities include a reporting feature which details the statuses of any ongoing support project.


Support features a start and stop timer feature, allowing your onsite technology specialist the ability to properly and accurate record actual time spent on site. The timer automatically integrates with the billing functions of the software and allows meticulous record keeping for future site performance analysis.


Support tracks and provides reporting on a multitude of critical business related factors. Using these reports, one can quickly assess where the organization's time and money is spent and where future resources should be allocated. SUPPORT is an integral tool for your growth strategy.

It's also worth noting SUPPORT allows you to track any variable of your organization by allowing you to modify and customize many of the fields.



System Requirements

Operating System


Mac OS X v10.6

Intel-based Mac, 1GB of RAM- CD drive

 Mac OS X v10.5

 PowerPC G4 (867MHz+), Power PC G5, Intel-based Mac, 512MB of RAM- CD drive

 Mac OS X v10.4.11

 PowerPC G4, G5 or Intel-based Mac

256 MB of RAM-CD drive

 Windows 7

 1 GHz or faster -1 GB RAM

DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

1024 x 768 or higher-resolution video adapter and display

DVD drive

Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, Home (Service Pack 1) *

 800 MHz or faster - 512 MB of RAM

SVGA (1024x768) or higher resolution video adapter and display - CD drive

 Window XP Professional or home edition (service pack 3)*

 Pentium III 700MHz or faster - 256MB of RAM

SVGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution video adapter and display- CD drive

* Version stated is the minimum requirement. This software may also work with later versions certified by FileMaker, Inc.

Please ensure you have a copy of FileMaker 12 or later installed to run any Multi-User version of Dimension Suite. For more information on FileMaker please go to



Return and Refund Policy: Dimension Suite does not offer a return policy or refund on purchases. We do offer a proper demo version of all our solutions to ensure you have the opportunity to test our software before you purchase.

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