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Member 2.0 allows you to professionally administrate your membership data. Regardless of your organizational structure; unlock the data potential in any team, group or association. Member 2.0 is much more then simply a management tool, it is the means for further member retention and ultimate future growth.

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About This Module

Member 3.0 is the perfect tool for clubs, membership management and administration of any organization that is comprised of members. Years of consulting experience have resulted in this powerful Module.

Please note that Member 3.0 is available for both PC and MAC in the following versions:

Multi-User - Made for a multi-user environment. To run this version, you will require a copy of FileMaker 12 or later already installed on your machine. This version will allow you to simultaneously run up to 9 sessions of Member 3.0 on a peer to peer network or an unlimited number of session when combined with FileMaker Server.

Run Time - Perfect for a single user environment. This version does not require any additional software or requirements. Simply download, install and you are ready to go!

Demo - Not sure if Member 3.0 is for you? Download our free Demo and test it out! Don't forget to Contact Us should you have any questions or concerns.


About Dimension Suite

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In a world driven by pre-packaged and all-in-one solutions, we strive to design a product that restores true choice to the market. We design products that enable anyone to select exactly what they expect from their software solutions.

Dimension Suite enables you to pick and choose functional modules and combine these modules in any arrangement to custom build the software of your dreams. Pick only the features and functions that are important to you.

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Member 3.0


Much of a given organization's time is spent managing its many members. From documenting known associations to updating side notes and important notes, membership management requires a proper system to effectively track and administer continuously changing data.

In amalgamating your membership data and utilizing a system that is updated, you are able to better serve your community and increase overall membership satisfaction.



Forget having lists in various locations or mediums. Forgo reliance on memory systems and welcome to Dimension Suite, Member 1.0; in having all your members in one system, you create simplification and standardization in having one point of reference for all means of communication.


Effectively being able to manage and standardizing your membership operation will lead to increased efficiency. Such value can result in future resources being allocated to further meet the needs and demands of your membership base.

System Requirements

Operating System


Mac OS X v10.6

Intel-based Mac, 1GB of RAM- CD drive

 Mac OS X v10.5

 PowerPC G4 (867MHz+), Power PC G5, Intel-based Mac, 512MB of RAM- CD drive

 Mac OS X v10.4.11

 PowerPC G4, G5 or Intel-based Mac

256 MB of RAM-CD drive

 Windows 7

 1 GHz or faster -1 GB RAM

DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

1024 x 768 or higher-resolution video adapter and display

DVD drive

Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, Home (Service Pack 1) *

 800 MHz or faster - 512 MB of RAM

SVGA (1024x768) or higher resolution video adapter and display - CD drive

 Window XP Professional or home edition (service pack 3)*

 Pentium III 700MHz or faster - 256MB of RAM

SVGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution video adapter and display- CD drive

* Version stated is the minimum requirement. This software may also work with later versions certified by FileMaker, Inc.

Please ensure you have a copy of FileMaker 10 or later installed to run the Multi-User version of Dimension Suite. For more information on FileMaker please go to

Return and Refund Policy: Dimension Suite does not offer a return policy or refund on purchases. We do offer a proper demo version of all our solutions to ensure you have the opportunity to test our software before you purchase.



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